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A Message From Brian and Melody Part

Dear All,

Thank you A Minor Consideration for giving us the opportunity to pour our hearts out to all who grace this website. When you realize there are people who are watching out for you, it is a humbling experience and at the same time, empowering. To Paul Petersen, let it be known that you are a kind and generous man who stands in the balances of making a difference for the generation of yesterday, today and tomorrow. A Minor Consideration is more than a slogan, it is a living, breathing force of sacrifice and toil to protect and defend those who are in need. To have a place for shelter from life's storm that may at times be tempest. To express our gratitude is only to give our alliance to a cause that cannot be forsaken, and with that, give our love and support to all you do.

Also, we would like to thank by name those who have been instrumental in my personal recovery. Henry Mayo Hospital has been the healing hands for my life. God Bless the staff and all those involved in bringing me to a place where I may begin again. Dr. Michael Shapiro Orthopedic surgeon that gave me my RT arm. Dr. Joseph Terrazzino, MD for physical therapy who has set me on a course to becoming all that I can be. Dr Coca for saving my life and bringing to justice those who would have had it otherwise. To Dr. Bill Thomas thank you for your compassion and diligence and true friendship. To all the nurses on Med Surge 4 for making me feel like I was part of your family and last but not least Vivian Rayburn of the Henry Mayo staff, head of Case Management, for making the buck stop here. If I have left out anyone by name, let it be known that I will never forget what you have done for me and my family. Thank God for The Helping Hands of Henry Mayo! You all are truly a miracle to me.

To the "Little House on the Prairie" cast & fans, I so much appreciate all the prayers, phone calls, messages, and support Thank you all. Also to all those who thru A Minor Consideration contacted me it was a delight to hear from so many in the industry past, present, and future. Thank yous all around!!!!!

The day of reckoning is upon this insurance co. and we will have our day in court, but to those who still suffer under the tyranny of the medical system remember... Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is our Right. Our Constitutional Right!!!!!!!!!!! Life being the 1st to remember.

All our love and blessings,
Brian & Melody Part


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