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Lamont Bentley Dies in Auto Accident
by Fred T. Beeman

January 21, 2005

Former child actor Lamont Bentley, best known for his “Hakeem Campbell” character on the TV series, “Moesha,” was killed Tuesday night (Jan. 18) in a single-car accident when his car careened over a San Diego Freeway embankment, ejecting him (the sole passenger) from the vehicle.

Born “Artimus Lamont Bentley” in Milwaukee on October 25, 1973, his mother, Loyce, moved the family to Los Angeles, in the hopes that she could ignite her own career as a singer. But Lamont’s antics at his mother’s auditions caused everyone to laugh, and someone suggested he get in front of the camera, as a child comic. He was cast in a Starbucks TV spot, among others, and his job as a child actor was launched. Later on, he would portray juveniles on TV, even though he was over 18 and “playing down.” Most notably, his performance as a teenaged father (in a public-service announcement) who opts to babysit his infant son instead of playing in a high school football game, was lauded by his peers.

This very talented young man had many “irons in the fire” at the time of his passing, and we extend our deepest sympathies to his family, which includes his daughters Artesia and Brazil.


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