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Over an eight year span this site said Hello to a half-million visitors. Last year’s traffic increased dramatically as the same worries we’ve expressed countless times when it comes to professional young performers began to manifest themselves in utterly innocent reality show children whose parents, for fame, for money, perhaps for validation, literally put them on fame’s railroad tracks with no idea that the Super Chief was bearing down on them. 100,000 visitors arrived here last year, most of them driven by an anxiety that had no name, people who instinctively shared our concern as the widely broadcast meltdowns of reality show families bought and paid for by arrogant networks that would have us believe that the uncompensated children on their artificially contrived reality shows live in a bubble world and will be untouched by their notoriety. We know better, and so do you. Too many parents don’t understand that industry people and their hirelings don’t mind earning dirty money. Our concern is the mess they leave behind in the lives of both the children they exploit on camera and the children who watch their mindless product.

"A Minor Consideration" is a non-profit, tax-deductible foundation formed to give guidance and support to young performers, Past, Present and Future. Child Stars must pick their parents with care. Family Education is the key ingredient to a productive future. The members of AMC are always "on call" to assist parents and their professional children on a 'No Cost basis.' By providing a strong emphasis on education and character development, plus helping to preserve the money these children generate, the members of AMC are always available to help with the tricky Transition issues that for many kid stars prove to be so troubling. We've "been there, done that." Our lessons were earned, not imagined. TO DONATE, CLICK HERE. THANKS.

Paul, along with Rep. Thomas Murt and others, celebrating the Pennsylvania Labor Bill legislative victory.

Current News

Scott Schwartz

Scott Schwartz comes to AMC after a memorable run as a child actor. Scott has been in showbiz since March of 1977 and has worked with such icons as Richard Pryor, Jackie Gleason, Liza Minelli, Richard Donner & Johnny Depp. From having co-starred in "The Toy" and "A Christmas Story" to being on Broadway, over 200 on/off camera commercials, episodic work, Scott never left the business but as with most former child actors, the business sort of left him. Scott's ... more >>

Simplize Your Perspective

Years ago I decided to boil down my belief system to its essence…the absolute irreducible prism through which I view the world: Children. For me that’s as simple as it gets. What’s good for children? What is dangerous for children? What impacts the welfare of ‘working children?’ Who speaks for the most vulnerable among us?

Native Americans learned to tread lightly on the land, and their cultures measured every decision “down to the 7th generation.” Am I alone in worrying that we’ve lost sight of this elemental measuring stick, the welfare of our children?

Unreformed, psychopathic Islam is a direct and undeniable threat to the world’s children. Our system of governance isn’t perfect, but where in the Muslim world is it better? Iraq? Saudi Arabia? Yemen? Syria? Yet, even psychopathic Islam is nothing compared to the outright assault against children visible in our nation’s media. Highly visible children, most unpaid, are splashed across screens and tabloids of America in the worst of circumstances and the government of the United States does absolutely nothing to protect them from sexualization, physical and verbal abuse, economic exploitation and profound psychological harm. Kids in Entertainment are exempt from federal child labor laws and have been since 1938…but as I’ve warned you for almost 30 years…they are not exempt from the … more >>


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