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Jonathan Brandis

November 18, 2003

Yes, the reports youíve been hearing are sadly true. Last Wednesday, November 12th, the 27 year-old television star, Jonathan Brandis committed suicide by hanging himself, and friends discovered him. There was no suicide note.

Preliminary toxilogical reports reveal that there was NO trace of drugs of any kind found in Jonathanís body. None.

Our hearts go out to this fine young actorís parents, Greg and Mary, who are understandably devastated by this death.

Speculations as to the underlying causes of this tragedy are exactly that; speculations. It serves no purpose to leap to conclusions for none of us will really know what led Jonathan to his decision to take his life.

We are left with a sense of helplessness and perhaps even anger that this thoroughly unexpected death occurred when we have spent years developing resources to deal with any and all crisis situations.

This one hurts. What more can we say?

Paul Petersen,

Jonathan Brandis


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